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Our company had been dabbling in Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content via a vendor for several months when I approached the company's Director of Digital Acquisition and Amazon about bringing the creation and management of our products on Amazon in-house. Since that conversation, I spearheaded the effort and was the sole designer for Enhanced Brand Content for the over 3 years for the company's family of brands. Since then, our Amazon business has grown into a multimillion dollar revenue channel for the company. Bringing the design of enhanced brand content in house allowed us to control the design to be more brand focused, and sped p the timeline for design, development and implementation. Development of these pages also includes up to 8 thumbnails for each product. Over the past 3 years, I have worked on over 50 of these pages.

Beneflex AR Enhanced Brand Content

Beneflex AR Enhanced Brand Content—Live page can be found here.

Omega Q Plus MAX Enhanced Brand Content

Omega Q Plus MAX Enhanced Brand Content—Live page can be found here.